Watch: Owner and Dog Reunited After Stolen During Home Invasion

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A dog who was snatched up during a home invasion was reunited with his owners — and the sweet moment was all caught on tape.

In May, burglars broke into the Templeton’s home in Fort Worth, Texas and stole jewelry, electronics, guitars and even the girl’s babysitting money.

But the robbers didn’t stop at belongings. They found the family’s newest addition — a 4-month old collie/heeler mix named Petey — and decided to take him, too.

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“It’s pretty dramatic to have him gone,” Julia Templeton told NBC5 at the time, “and to just think somebody would come and take your family dog is pretty disrupting.”

More than a month later, police recovered the dog. Officials on the case went to a home and were inquiring about the missing pup, when out strolled Petey, according to a statement. They immediately took possession of the dog and are drafting up an arrest warrant.

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Officers caught the sweet reunion between Petey and the family on tape.