Watch Helen Mirren Get Bombarded By Tons of Cute Puppies

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Knowing Dame Helen Mirren has a soft spot for dogs, journalists at a recent interview surprised the actress with a whole bunch of puppies.

After five hours of photos and interviews during a cover shoot for AARP The Magazine, writers brought some puppies to Mirren for a little bit of relief – and she couldn’t have been happier.

In a video, you can Mirren oohing and aahing over the cute pups, as they wag, bark and play. Mirren provided her own perspective on our four-legged friends, saying the thing she loves about dogs is their “spirituality.”

She also says that while it is nice to have a guard dog, it is also to have one that loves. “A barking dog is very useful,” she says. “A good bark is a very good thing but a little bit of a wag is lovely.”

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And according to the Academy-award winner, when it comes to who is boss, the smallest dog is often the alpha. “It’s very interesting with dogs, you know, it has nothing to do with their size,” Mirren says. “The smallest dog can be the one that leads the pack and all the big dogs, go okay fine whatever you say. We know he is the boss.”

To hear more from Mirren and see what dog is her absolute favorite, check out the below video.

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