Watch French Bulldog Take on Two Bears

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A 20-pound pup named Jewels turns into ‘Wolverine” when two bears trespassed on her property.

In a video that has gone viral, you can see that the French bulldog was just not having it when two bears, reportedly each weighing approximately 100 pounds, tried to make their way onto her owner’s Monrovia, California property. Jewels ran after the bears, both running away from the tiny tyke, fearing for their lives.

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“[It] blew me away,” homeowner David Hernandez told WSBT-TV. “I couldn’t believe it … she turned into a wolverine,”

The incident was captured after Hernandez had set up a surveillance camera after bears from the nearby foothills had been destroying his property. While the bears may have been scared, Jewels was not hurt. After the incident, she received treats, a bath and praises from her owners.