WATCH: Dog Unchained After 15 Years

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|Megan Ann Hoechstetter |

After being chained up for 15 years to a dog named Bear is finally free.
Last week, New York-based rescue organization Guardians of Rescue was called to a house in Suffolk County, New York for a dog in need of a dog house. When they arrived, they saw a senior Labrador mix named Bear. Chained up, he had spent 15 years in the backyard, with little to no protection against the harsh winters and steamy summers.

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While Guardians of Rescue volunteers were called to provide shelter, they decided to see if they could help Bear out in a bigger way. They asked the owner if he would relinquish Bear to the organization, so they could provide him a better life for his senior years. He agreed.

So, after 15 years of being on a heavy chain, staff finally set the dog free. They loaded him into the truck, took him to get his very first bath and get checked out by a vet before Bear began enjoying his new life. His first stop was a pet store, where he was treated to his first toy.

“Bear kept his new toy close, while patiently waiting to check out!” a Facebook post on Guardians of Rescue states. “Bear was a perfect gentleman while on his new shopping adventure, and enjoyed all of the new sights, smells and watching the activity around him.”

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He was also able to walk the beach for the first time, eat ice cream and enjoy a Starbucks’ Puppuccino.

The organization is taking applications for Bear. Guardians of Rescue also has a new show called “The Guardians,” on Animal Planet on Saturday’s at 10 pm EST.

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