Watch a U.S. Solider Reunite With Her Missing Dog

A dog and her U.S. soldier mom are reunited after the pup ran away from home and was missing for weeks.

After their dog, Ginger, escaped, Sergeant US Army Sergeant Dahlberg, along with her two children, were afraid they would never see her again. This all changed when they discovered Ginger on Front Street Animal Shelter‘s in Sacramento, California.

The mother brought her two children to the shelter to get their dog and the heartwarming reunion was caught on tape by worker Bobby Mann.

Ginger and Bobby Mann 2

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In the video, Ginger is audibly whimpering, happy to be back with her family. Sgt Dahlberg is seen stroking the dog’s head, assuring her everything will be okay. She is then shown scooping up the pup, hugging her and bringing her to the car to take her home.

Ginger and Bobby Mann 1

While Ginger was on the streets, she did contract parovirus, or parvo, an often deadly virus. Fortunately, it was caught early enough that she expects to make a full recovery.

The crew at Front Street Animal Shelter did stop by the Dahlberg’s household to provide Ginger early holiday presents: a bunch of treats and gifts.

ginger and bobby mann

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Check out the happy ending:

A beautiful reunion <3Ginger ran away several weeks ago, and Sergeant Dahlberg and her daughter were afraid their beloved puppy was lost forever. But after constant searching, they found Ginger on our website – and you can see how happy both she and her family were to be reunited. Unfortunately she got parvovirus while she was stray. This disease can be lethal, but we were able to find treatment soon enough, and it looks like she’ll make a full recovery now that she’s back in her loving home.

Posted by Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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