Unchain a Dog Month: Here is How to Set Pups Free

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As the senior vice president for state affairs, Kelly Peterson isn’t only leading the charge at The Humane Society, but also as the founder of Fences For Fido (FFF), she is also helping chained dogs become free. And with February being national unchain a dog month, we wanted to celebrate her cause.

The organization started out as a small team and its first mission was unchaining Chopper, a dog that spent year after year chained to a tree. After the group built this family a fence, Chopper was able to romp around the yard and experience pure happiness. The owner, Keith told Fences For Fido, ” “I realize now he is so much happier being off the chain. Never again on a chain!” Check out the video below.

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Since that day, the organization has helped free more than 1,000 dogs.

“Fences For Fido receives inquires every week from others who want to help chained dogs in their own corner of the world,” Preston tells I Love Dogs Site. “New groups are forming every month to assist dogs who are living their lives on the end of chains. Unchaining is a movement.”

While some people think they can’t make a difference, Peterson thinks everyone can do their part to help free dogs. She suggests that people begin building local awareness with a formation of a group of volunteers looking to help unchain dogs. After that, people should seek out and find the first dog to unchain and reach out to the press to tell your story. Once done, begin fundraising initiatives to help unchain more dogs. After the ball gets rolling, partner up with local dog organizations — rescues, vets, shelters and spay/neuter facilities, to name a few — to further the mission. Not only will this help unchain more dogs but also provide leverage to help push unchain laws through local jurisdiction. You can find out more information on I Love Dogs Site.

Featured image from Facebook.