Twitter Account Rates Your Dog

For You


Just like proud parents showing off their latest bundle of joy, dog owners think their dog is the cutest thing on earth — perfect in every possible way.

But 19-year-old Matt Nelson may not agree with you. The Campbell University student is behind Twitter account WeRateDogs, an account that scores users’ submissions on a scale of 1 to 10 (if extra cute, he will score even higher). Nelson also provides creative, quirky captions to go along with the pics.

“I have rated some of the most adorable puppies I have ever seen,” he tells New York Magazine. “However, I think the thought that goes into each specific tweet and the time I spend trying to entertain with each rating makes the page much more than another content-aggregating @CuteEmergency account.”

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He posts about 15 times a day and tells the outlet what he looks for in pictures: “dogs that are so adorable you almost have a stroke, dogs doing things dogs don’t normally do, and ‘dogs.'”

Since its inception in November, the account has more than 63,000 followers to date. If you are looking to have your dog’s looks rated, you can send a picture to

Here are a few of our favorites: