Thousands Want to Adopt the ‘Saddest Dog in the World’

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Things are starting to look up for Lana, the Labrador retriever mix dubbed the “saddest dog in the world.” Rescue Dogs Match (RDM), a Canada rescue organization, that had taken the 1-and-a-half-year-old under its wings has been inundated with applications for Lana after it posted the above image on Facebook of her cowering in a corner of a kennel upon being returned. The nonprofit wrote:

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URGENT FOSTER HOME NEEDED FOR LANA!!! “THE SADDEST DOG IN THE WORLD” Lana came to us with some guarding issues that were worked on, however, a year later she is exhibiting those guarding behaviours around food with people she is not completely familiar with. Lana is currently in boarding and she is not doing well. She will only come out of her kennel for TWO people so we are there every day to make sure she gets walked, fed, and has some time to destress. Lana is still a timid girl in unknown environments. When she is with people she knows and trusts, she is a silly and sweet. Lana is great left alone, good with other animals (cats/dogs), however, she will exhibit guarding behaviours around food with other animals. She LOVES to go hiking and is pretty very good on leash. She also likes car rides…well, she will still fall asleep almost as soon as the car begins to move, just like when she was a tiny pup.

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Image Credit: rescuedogsmatch/Facebook

The dog had been adopted by a family when she was 5 months old but was returned after snapping at one of her children. Lana, like many dogs, shut down after she was brought back to the organization, suffering from depression. She wouldn’t eat, socialize or respond to affection. Related: Michael Vick’s Former Pit Bulls Win in the Documentary ‘The Champions’ To help her, Rescue Dogs Match asked her former foster family to come to the shelter. They took her for a walk but still wasn’t back to normal. After she was placed in another foster situation, Lana finally turned the corner. She is now thriving and after an assessment from a vet, who determined the snapping was behavioral and not medical, she is looking to get adopted — and she has no shortage of suitors. Happy as can be! Lana has finally come out of her shell and settled in with her new foster mom. This is a photo that snapped of her yesterday. It always amazes us to see how well such heartbroken animals can bounce back! “We’ve received over 3,000 emails [inquiring about] her,” said Dobranski. She adds, “”The family that returned her were responsible in returning her to [us].”They love her very much and want to see her in the right environment.”

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