This Dog Can’t Catch a Break (Or Food)

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Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Or in Fritz’s case, a hot dog, steak, chimichanga and other yummy food. But unfortunately, for this golden retriever, he just can’t catch a break…or anything else for that fact.

In a YouTube video, the owner of Fritz tapes the many attempts of his dog trying wholeheartedly to catch delicious snacks – only to have them land on his face and over his head. In a way, it is kind of sad but the owner did really try to get the food in the pup’s mouth – and Fritz just really keeps missing.

The whole thing was captured in slow-motion style (so you witness even more of the agony) along with dramatic music. At least he can rock bandanas like no one’s business.

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But just like the little engine that could, in the end, Fritz FINALLY prevails.