The Top Dog Names of 2015 Revealed (Infographic)

Tupac Shakur, Phoebe Bouffay and Little Jerry Seinfield are just a few names owners are calling their dogs these days. But these blasts from the pasts aren’t the norm for dog owners, at least not in 2015., a dog-sitting company, has released its annual top dog name list. Similar to previous years, people are naming their dogs human names. Indeed, the top three in the male category are Max, Charlie and Buddy and for females, Bella, Lucy and Daisy took the canine cake. also found that that the number of people naming their dogs human names was 49 percent in 2015, an increase from 19.8 percent in 2013.

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Another trend was naming a dog after pop culture icons. With the Hunger Games trilogy wrapping up this year, people were naming their dog Katniss or Effie. (That said, Bella, the character from the Twilight series, is still the most popular.)

To see what other trends Rover found, check out the handy infographic below. If you want to see the full list of 100 names, head over to


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