The Super Big Dog That Flew First Class Has a Super Special Purpose in Life

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“Holy shit I just saw the literal fattest dog.”

Twitter user @madeleinedoux‘s words went viral online on Monday after she snapped a picture of a  American bulldog-mastiff mix boarding her flight from Los Angeles’ LAX to Colorado.

While people across the web retweeted the image more than 5,000 times, commenting on the sheer size of the dog, the very large pup, named Hank, is actually a service dog to his owner Kari Whitman. His role is to help detect seizures.

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And his massive size isn’t because he ate one too many treats, but because he is a special needs dog whose needs makes it difficult to move. Hence, the cart.

Whitman, who is an interior designer, is also the founder of Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue in Beverly Hills, Calif. The organization focuses on rescuing dogs from kill shelters in Los Angeles.