The Queen Is Cheating on Her Corgis!

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If you follow the royal family, you know the matriarch has an affinity for corgis. But it was just revealed that Queen Elizabeth has a secret obsession with another breed.

Ben Fogle, a friend of Prince William and TV presenter, reveals in his new book, that the Queen adores…Labradors.

“So the corgis are the dogs that she is happy to show off, but she has a huge kennel of Labradors. They are one part of her life she likes to keep private,” Fogle told the U.K. Times. “The Queen has often lamented . . . how much she wished she could spend more time with her beloved Labradors.”

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The audacity of the 89-year-old monarch! Fogle found this nugget of information when he was researching his book Labrador: The Story Of The World’s Favourite Dog. Apparently, she loved one Labrador so much she decided to take it from her home (Norfolk estate) where it normally lives with her to Windsor Castle. Sadly, the pup was extremely lonely.

“She fed it and walked it herself, but the poor dog pined for its mates back at Sandringham and so she eventually sent it back for the sake of the dog,” Fogle told the outlet “Even the Queen thinks of her dogs first.”

Who knew?

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