Tennis Player Andy Murray Digs Skyping With His Dogs

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While Andy Murray is in midst of the tennis season, with the French Open currently in full swing, he still manages to make time for his two dogs, Maggie May and Rusty.

The British tennis player told VIP Magazine that when he is on the road he video chats with his pups (along with his wife Kim Sears). But it seems he enjoys the experience far more than his dogs.

“I Skype the dogs all the time, but they never respond,” he told the publication. “Even if I say their name, I get nothing back!”

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But when he is home, it is a completely different ball game.

“Kim likes to bring them out when we have people round for dinner. They’re really great dogs – I absolutely love them to bits, and they have a lot of personality.”

To read the full interview, you have to live in the UK and pick up the magazine at any Pet’s at Home stores.

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