The Story Behind the Viral Video of a Pit Bull Walking Again Thanks to a New Set of Wheels

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||||Georgia Bottoms and Pigeon|Pigeon during a physical therapy session. |Pigeon at home.|Pigeon and her four-legged buds.|Pigeon and her wheelchair|

Pigeon, the pit bull, gallops through the reception area of Fetch Canine Rehab, an expression of pure joy on her face. This is her first time trying out her new doggie wheelchair, and she’s taken to it like a pro.

“She just took off, which almost never happens,” says Georgia Bottoms, the owner of Fetch Canine Rehab.

Captured on video, Pigeon is beyond excited to walk again, running around the vet clinic and greeting everyone she sees. To date, it has been viewed more than 1.6 million times and has nearly 47,000 shares.

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Pigeon was provided this second chance to walk again after Fetch Canine Rehab took her in. We don’t know too much of her back story, except that she was in a car accident with her first owners, which paralyzed her.

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But her injuries, as shown in the video, haven’t stopped Pigeon from taking life by the reins — an outlook needed when dealing with a major injury.

“Pigeon is a dog who emulates all that is good,” says Bottoms. “All she wanted was to play again, something so simple, and when that happened, everyone stopped what they were doing to enjoy her happiness.”

Georgia Bottoms and Pigeon.

Bottoms’ company helps dogs like Pigeon through physical therapy and rehabilitation in hopes of getting pups to walk again, or at the very least, help them reach a point where they can enjoy life again. “My job is so gratifying, especially when you see the happiness Pigeon has now,” she says.

For Pigeon, her recovery process involved frequent visits to the vet, along with physical therapy sessions. She was also given custom-made set of wheels provided by Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

Pigeon during a physical therapy session.

Her positivity and happiness helped catch the attention of a family. Her new owners, who wish to remain anonymous, had a lot to learn about caring for a special needs dog when they got her, but luckily lots of other handicapped dog parents were happy to share their knowledge. In Pigeon’s case, she must be crated whenever she’s unsupervised, so that she doesn’t hurt herself.

Pigeon at home.

Yet, Pigeon doesn’t realize she was paralyzed. She gets around now just as well as our other dogs. “We joke that she was a flight risk even before she got her wheelchair,” says her new owner. “We all underestimated her, and she has really shown us how handicapable she is every day.”

Pigeon and her wheelchair

Bust since she’s gotten her wheelchair, she loves to walk with her new family’s other dogs (and her best friends). “She also loves destuffing toys, and food! She’s very food motivated.”

Pigeon and her four-legged buds.

People love Pigeon, says her new mom. “It’s so amazing and positive to take her on a walk and watch people’s reaction. She’s a very happy and energetic dog, and her personality is just infectious!”

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