State Just Banned Dog Breed Discrimination

Dog lovers just scored a major win in Delaware.

The state just passed a law preventing breed discrimination, meaning the government can’t prohibit someone from owning a certain breed. Often, there is a “breed bias” on certain dogs, including pit bulls, mastiffs, rottweilers and others. Now, a particular breed cannot be generalized as “dangerous”; this label will be on a case-by-case scenario.

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Also, shelters and animal control facilities can’t discriminate against one breed, stating it will not take a certain type of dog in, or facilitate an adoption.

“Findings to deem a dog dangerous will be based on actions of the dog, or an individualized demonstration of vicious behavior,” the bill states.

Governor Carney signed the bill this past Friday and was cosponsored by Representative Charles Potter Jr. and State Senatir David Sokola.

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The passing comes after research has been presented to show a dog biting you, or being considered dangerous, does not have to do with it being of a particular breed.

Delaware is the 21st state to pass a law focused on breed discrimination.

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One comment on “State Just Banned Dog Breed Discrimination

  • Dog lovers? Your definition of love is different from mine.

    Those who truly care about dog welfare don’t want more dog killing dogs to be born and to infest our communities.

    Look the true experts of unprovoked prolonged deadly dog aggression, the dog fighters of the UK and NA.

    While all dogs can bite, the dog fighters, who must have quiet friendly dogs that can quickly change from kissing to killing, all choose pits.

    Normal dogs don’t attack and kill “well”, away from home with no resource in sight. Pits do.

    No one who actually cares about dog welfare and is educated about how different pits are created to be, no one who actually cares about pit welfare, would want more dogs to be born with the man-made birth defects to mature to suddenly become deadly game insane.

    Pits suffer too.
    Pits are victims too.
    Stop making more victims.
    Stop breeding pits.

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