St. Bernard Dying of Cancer Gets a Very Special Last Experience: Her Own Snow Day

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After owner Alyson Paige discovered her dog Sophia had terminal bone cancer, she set out to make her last day very special.

She wrote an email to indoor skiing and snowboarding spot Chill Factore in Manchester, United Kingdom and asked if there was an off chance their St. Bernard could romp around in the snow one last time. Not expecting an answer, she was surprised she received a reply, granting her request. It fortunately came the day they had decided it was time to say goodbye.

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When Sophia arrived, she had a blast. In a video from Press Association capturing the experience, Paige says that her dog had shown little interest in anything the past few weeks, so to see her really enjoying her time in the snow meant the world to them. This was Sophia’s last day, and it couldn’t have gone better.

Check out the video below. You may want to grab some tissues.

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