Shelter Snaps Dogs Enjoying ‘Puppuccinos’ to Help Them Find Their Forever Home

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Image via Instagram/KitsapHumaneSociety

Shelters will pull out all the stops to get dogs out of shelters and in front of potential adopters – including one in Silverdale, Washington that is combining delicious treats with adorable selfies.

About a year ago, Kitsap Humane Society volunteer Molly Clark began taking shelter dogs for a ride along to the local Starbucks, grabbing a coffee for herself and a “puppuccino” (fancy name for whip cream in a cup) for her four-legged co-pilot. In April, the shelter decided to create an official program for this these special occasion, calling it “Puppuccino Pals.”

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The crew snaps adorable selfies of the dogs (some trailblazers call these “delphies”) and posts the images on social media to help gain exposure to potential adopters.

The local Starbucks does its part, too — putting a “Puppuccino Pals”‘ sign in the drive-through window to direct customers to KHS’s Instagram account, so they can see what dog was most recently treated.

Eating delicious whip cream doesn’t seem like too bad of a way to spend a day.

“They love it!” says Rebekah Johnson, the shelter’s events and outreach manager, adding,Molly only select dogs who will not be stressed by the experience, but instead need a break from the shelter and one-on-one time with a human.”

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Here are a few of our favorite from its Instagram and Facebook account.

Images provided by KHS/Instagram
Images provided by KHS/Instagram
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Image provided by KPH/Instagram
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Image provided by KHP
Image provided by KHP/Instagram
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Image provided by KHS/Instagram
Image provided by KHS/Instagram