Shelter Shows How Dogs ‘Rescue’ Overworked People

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There are thousands of dogs that need to be rescued ever year. But nonprofit The Lost Dogs’ Home realized there are also thousands of people that need to be rescued from the stresses of everyday life. So, it decided to combine the two in a genius move.

Called The Human Walking program, the Melbourne, Australia-based organization looked to “rescue” stressed out workers by encouraging them to step outside their cubicle and take a walk with one of their pups.

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“We don’t always realize as office workers how many hours we spend cooped up inside rarely getting out, says Kate Hoelter, general manager of fundraising and communications at The Lost Dogs Home on the website. “So what better way to spend a lunch break than with a friend who will no doubt take the stress out of your day?”

Check out the video below. And to see the latest event, here is another video.