Service Dog Gets Her Very Own Yearbook Photo

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service dog in yearbook

At one Louisiana middle school, a dog, holding a leash, was given her very own yearbook photo.

Named Presley, the service dog has been attending Good Hope Middle School this past year with her companion, Joseph “Seph” Ware, a seventh grader with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare muscle disease.

When it came time for school photos, the school asked the 14-year-old if he would like the golden doodle photographed next to him. His mother, Lori, told, his son said, “why not.”

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“Seph says that it took about 10 minutes to get Presley to look at the camera – and who knows how many shots,” she said.

According to Lori, including Presley in the yearbook was a nice gesture, as Seph’s previous school has some issues with her.

“We have had issues with his elementary school accepting Presley, so to come to Good Hope and her to be welcomed has been very refreshing,” she told the outlet. “The kids adore her and she loves the attention.”

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