Pug Named Hometown Hero for Saving Family From Fire

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A pug was recently awarded “Hometown Hero Award,” an accolade usually given to people.

Named Jaxon, the pup was recognized after he saved his owners from a house fire in Meridian, Idaho.

Mikaela Sebree and Todd Lavoie were unaware that sparks were flying out of an outlet but Jaxon knew something was up.

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“Dogs have different kinds of barks, so he has his ‘somebody’s at the door’ bark and then he has his ‘holy crap something’s happening’ bark,” Sebree told CNN affiliate KBOI.

Because of Jaxon’s particular bark, Lavoie ran downstairs and saw that flames were starting to form. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and was able to put out the fire before it spread.

Once the Meridian Fire Department arrived, they were able to secure the scene, ensuring everyone was out of harm’s way. Still, they gave props to the 11-year-old dog for saving the day.

“Certainly his actions and the actions of this dog saved that house from potentially igniting and catching on fire and going up into walls and up into the attic and causing significant damage,” Meridian fire chief Mark Niemeyer told the outlet.

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Because of his act of bravery, Jaxon was awarded the “Hometown Hero Award.” He also received a firefighter badge.

“Jaxon is definitely a super pug; he deserves the hometown hero,” Lavoie told CNN. “He saved our house, he saved our lives and he saved our memories.”