Here Were the Most Popular Names of 2014 (Infographic)

Photo Caption: MR.EUGENE $$/Flickr

Dog’s names have changed over the decades. No longer are Fido and Spot in vogue, rather, people are taking the whole “pet parent” mentality one step further and naming their pooches human names.

Indeed, VetStreet released its “Most Popular Puppy Names” list annual in the beginning of December and Max and Bella topped the list followed by a slew of other “humanized” names like Lucy, Charlie and Molly.

Well, now, a dog-sitter platform, has released its own list and much like VetStreet, the top names seem more suited for babies than puppies — Toby, Maggie and Jake to name a few.  To determine what names made the list,, dug into its database of more that 287,000 member and discovered some interesting insights.

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Check out the infographic to see if your dog’s name made the cut.



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