Photo of Dog With Ridiculous Haircut Goes Viral

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We have all been there: our dog gets a less-then-stellar haircut.

While some people brush off the incident, one woman wasn’t holding back.

Twitter user Lindsay Martin took to social media to share two photos of her dog Wembley: one before the haircut and one after her mother gave him quite the trim.

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The before images shows a pup, presumably some sort of poodle mix, with a coat of luscious, soft curls. And the after, well, he looks quite different.

The tweet has been shared more than 45,000 times. And it didn’t take for people to compare the dog’s do with some celebs’ hairstyles. The most notable one being Justin Timberlake’s style from the 90s.

But there were others, including:

Odell Beckham


Guy Fieri

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She even put in her Twitter profile a link to the ASPCA to make donations for animals in need.

As for Wembley, fortunately, it will grow back.