New York City Gets Its First Animal-Cruelty Prosecutions Unit

A New York City District Attorney Richard Brown is doing something monumental for dogs: creating the city’s first-ever Animal Cruelty Prosecutions Unit.

The unit will look into various crimes, including dog fighting, neglect and abandonment of pets.

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“While animal cruelty cases have been aggressively prosecuted by a number of different bureaus throughout our office in the past, we recognize that the time has come for a committed and dedicated unit,” Brown said in a statement. “Such criminal activity cannot be tolerated if we wish to be known as a civilized society.”

The agency will also be in charge of educating the public about animal abuse and detecting the signs a dog, or other animal, is being abused.

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Veteran Queens prosecutor Nicoletta J. Caferri was appointed as the unit’s chief. Caferri has been involved in several animal abuse cases over the year.

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