A New Website Offers a Puppy Swap for Those Over Their Current Dog

Everyone loves puppies. They are big fluff balls that provide unconditional love and entertainment. But just like us, puppies grow up — and sometimes when they get past the cute phase they are abandoned, as owners state they are too rambunctious, awkward or just aren’t that adorable anymore. Well, one organization is looking to draw attention to this trend with its website touting a “puppy subscription service.”

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The site’s purpose is simple: When you are tired of your grown dog, just trade it in for another puppy. You can relive the puppy heydays over and over again without taking responsibility for a dog that may be with you for years. Sound gross? Well, that is actually the reaction the site is hoping for.

Launched by the Toronto Humane Society, the site’s mission is actually to draw attention to the millions of dogs (and cats) that get abandoned each year and brought to shelters.

When people go the site, it looks legit. There is a video of adorable puppies playing with kids, cuddling with couples and being super cute around families. When the gig is up, and the dogs get too big, the clip shows how simple and easy it is to swap out your old best friend for a younger model.

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A professional voiceover hawks the concept further:

“Imagine being able to enjoy all the friendship, devotion and unconditional love of a puppy with no long-term commitment.” Welcome to PuppySwap, the world’s first puppy subscription service.”

Once the clip is done, a popup appears: “PuppySwap isn’t real. Unfortunately, pet abandonment is. Over 180,000 animals enter Canadian shelters each year. 40% will never leave. Spread the word — pet ownership is for life.”

If someone skips over the whole video, thinks this is a brilliant idea and wants to hear more information, well, first they shouldn’t own a dog but second, there is a “More Information” button on the site that provides additional information and facts about abandoned pets and a link to the Toronto Humane Society’s homepage.

It’s a smart strategy for raising awareness about abandoned dogs and hopefully gets people thinking about the responsibility of owning a dog before they bring a pooch into their home.

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