Neighborhood Businesses Rally to Help Dogs Affected by East Village Explosion

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Dog owners that were affected by the fire explosion that rocked the East Village on Thursday are getting a helping hand from local businesses.

Happy Dogs, Downtown Doghouse, Downtown Veterinary Medical Hospitals, Kate Perry Dog Training and Rock & Rawhide are teaming up to provide support and services to pet owners that lost their home in the fire.

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“We want to help those in our community affected by this horrible event so that they can get back on their feet without having to worry about their furry companions,” Jennifer Cheng, owner of Happy Dogs, said in a statement.

Cheng’s company, Happy Dogs, is providing residents of the affected building a three-night stay for their pups in a cageless boarding facility, while pet salon Downtown Doghouse is offering to clean up dogs and get them all spruced up before heading off to Downtown Veterinary Medical Hospital. The vets at the facility will examine each pet and check for issues arising from smoke inhalation.

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Trainer Kate Perry will also be available to offer up advice to owners on how to help their dog deal with the stress of this disaster, along with providing additional tips and classes for dogs affected by the fire. All services are free to those that were affected.

All business locations will be collecting used supplies and food to assist in the transition of settling into a new home or temporary residency. Rock & Rawhide, a charity focused on collecting toys, chew items and blankets for dogs and cats in shelters, will be distributing supplies to groups.

Below are all the details of each business. Help spread the word.

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Happy Dogs is located at 403 1st Avenue, New York, New York 10010 and 234 N 12th Street in Williamsburg, NY 11211. Their phone number is(212) 532-4220. Check their website for additional information regarding the registration process.

Downtown Doghouse is located at 215 East 26th St. NYC, NY 10010 and 168 Ninth Ave. NYC, NY 10011. Their phone number is917.262.0240.

Downtown Veterinary Medical Hospitals has four locations at West Village Veterinary Hospital, Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital, Battery Park Veterinary Hospital and Seaport Animal Hospital.  Their phone number is 212-633-7400.

Kate Perry can be reached at (646) 339-6831 or (646) 267-2696 or email

Rock & Rawhide is located in Manhattan and has drop boxes all over and out of NYC. Email

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