Mystery Solved: We Now Know Why the Bachelorette’s Dog Has a Cast

We can all sleep at night — the mystery on the latest Bachelorette season has been solved. No, it isn’t who Rachel Lindsay is going to give her final rose to. It’s bigger. We finally figured out how her dog Copper broke his leg.

Before the big reveal, here is a bit of background. In the second episode, Lindsay has a one-on-one date with Peter Kraus to Palm Springs, California. But before they jet off to the city, Lindsay asks if one of her best friends can come.

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“I know this is a one-on-one date and you thought it was going to be just the two of us, but one of my best friends was in a really, really bad accident and I haven’t seen him in a really long time,” Lindsay says in the show. “So, if that is okay with you, I’d really, really like for him to come with us.”

Peter dutifully agrees (probably thinking, total romance kill). A car rolls up to bring Lindsay her friend, and out pops Copper, the Bachelorette’s beloved dog.

What viewers notice right away is Copper’s cast. When Kraus asks what happened to her pooch, Lindsay says she’ll explain in the plane. And then…nothing. Viewers are left hanging as the show cuts that part out of the episode. Ugh.

Fans must have been bothering Lindsay for the reason, as she took to social media yesterday to offer up a semi-answer.

“Inquiring minds want to know what happened to Copper…he broke his toe jumping off something,” she tweets.

The dog has definitely captured the hearts of fans, as he adds a down-to-earth perspective to the show. He acts as an icebreaker and interjects when the show gets too series (Lindsay and Krauss did attend a dog event for their date in Palm Springs). It’s refreshing.

And with two Twitter accounts keeping tabs on the dog, is it too early to hope for a spin-off?

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