Miracle in Texas: Family’s Two Dogs Separately Found Under Tornado Rubble

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While many families lost everything in the devastating Texas tornado that ravished the state this past week, for some, there were tales of survival.

The Berkshier family of Rowlett were cleaning up debris on their property when they heard their missing dog Sawyer barking from underneath the rubble.

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After 20 minutes, family and neighbors were able to dig Sawyer out and reunite him with his family.

“Oh my gosh I have not been able to sleep these last few nights,” Gina Berkshier told NBCFDW. “I was just praying.”

The dog had been trapped under the rubble of two houses for two days. He was banged up and in pain but miraculously did not break a bone.

Four hours later, another miracle happened. The family found their second dog, a Chihuahua named Lucy, underneath a heap of scrap.

While the Berkshiers were fortunate finding their beloved dogs, many pets are still missing.

A number of Facebook groups have popped up, including Lost & Found Pets from North Texas Tornadoes and are posting pictures of lost and found pets.