Michael Vick’s Former Pit Bulls Win in the Documentary ‘The Champions’

“More forgiving of our species than we could ever be of theirs” is the tagline of the documentary The Champions, a film that chronicles the lives of some of the pit bulls rescued from Michael Vick’s dog-fighting ring.

Directed by Darcy Dennett, the film follows five dogs from their first rescue to their adoption, along with six dogs who remain at Best Friends Animal Society, some who will be there for life. It describes how these dogs had to literally fight for their lives – from surviving Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels compound to the debate about whether they should be euthanized. And in the end, the decision to allow these dogs to live was the right one. Not only were they able to grow as a canine, but they changed the lives of so many people.

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“Their story proves that even creatures who have suffered the most unimaginable abuse have amazing strength, spirit, and resilience. It is a story of the bonds of trust and love we have with animals and their importance in our lives, a relationship that has the potential to bring out the best in the human and animal spirit,” the website states.

The documentary has been awarded Official Selection at several film festivals. Check out the video below to catch a preview of the film. If you want to see the film in its entirety, here is a link to screenings.

Image via ChampionsDocumentary.com

3 comments on “Michael Vick’s Former Pit Bulls Win in the Documentary ‘The Champions’

  • i really despise vick for this. I know he ‘paid his time’ for this crime, but its unacceptable that these animals were treated this way and had to die or have severe problems for his miserable treatment. and now he gets to make millions while people cheer him on every sunday….NOT!

  • and for the authorities to let him dogs again is outrages. I don’t if he says he is sorry. This man did terrible, horrible things to those dog. Murdering them, hanging them, torturing them he does not deserve to even come near an animal

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