Man Finds His Stolen Dog When Searching for New Pet Online

Richard Brower

After having his dog snatched from his yard 18 months ago, Richard Brower was still grappling with the emotions of losing his best friend, a German shepherd named Dozer, when he decided to begin the search for a new companion. This ended up being the best decision he could have made.

“I never gave up hope,” Brower told CNN. “I’d just come to the realization that I couldn’t go on without another dog.”

Typing in “German shepherds for sale” into a web browser, Brower stumbled upon Claresholm Animal Rescue Society’s page of adoptable dogs.

“My heart stopped the second I opened the page,” Brower told the outlet.

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Looking back at him was his dog Dozer. He did send the image to his sister who agreed it was indeed his long, lost German shepherd but his mother remained on the fence. Brower called the rescue organization and while talking to Sylvia Giroux, his father decided to stop by the shelter, a trip that Brower had no prior knowledge of.

The dog started to feverishly wagging his tail when he spotted Brower’s dad. But Brower needed to know for sure, so he asked his father to snap his finger once and see how the dog reacts. Sure enough, the pup did what he was taught by Brower and circled his father and sat down on his right side. He now was a 100 percent certain and Dozer made his way back to Brower’s home — and heart.

“He almost knocked me over,” Brower told CNN. “He came flying in, put his head into my arm and started doing that wailing that German shepherds do.”

No one knows where Dozer was for the last year-and-a-half (except for the month when he was at the organization) but everyone is glad he is back.

Now the 125-pound dog, one that people used to be scared of at the park, is kind of a celebrity.

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