L.A. County Just Helped A Lot More Dogs Find Homes

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Image Credit: Dann Bjornson/Flickr

L.A. County just made it a lot easier for dogs to find a forever home.

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a motion to increase the number of dogs allowed per household.

Up until the vote, the maximum number of dogs was three. Only licensed facilities like pet shops, groomers and kennels could have more than the limit. But now the new maximum is four.

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“Increasing the dog limit per household will give homeless dogs additional opportunities to find permanent, loving homes and reduce animal homelessness in the county of Los Angeles,” Marcia Mayeda, director of the county Department of Animal Care and Control, told City News Service

Surrounding counties San Diego and San Bernardino already have a four-dog maximum per household.

“By increasing the number of dogs allowed per household from 3 to 4, we are hoping to encourage responsible pet owners to consider adopting an additional dog from one of our county shelters,” Supervisor Kathryn Barger said in a statement.

Keep in mind, this new rule is not for the City of Los Angeles, which still has a three dog limit. It is for unincorporated areas in L.A. County, including Marina Del Rey, Calabasas and City Terrace. But it is a start.

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