In High School Class, Kids Build Dog Houses for Low-Income Families

Carlsbad High School

Students are hoping more pups will literally be “in the dog house.”

For the last four years, kids at Carlsbad High School in New Mexico have been making dog houses in for families that can’t afford them (meaning many dogs have been left outside with no shelter in poor weather conditions).

“I just think that it’s good for the community to know what this class is doing,” Victoria Morse of C-PAWS, an organization that works with the students, said to Current-Argus. “It teaches the kids that build the doghouses the importance of giving animals shelter, rather than tying the dog to a pole outside without protection from the weather.”

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The project is part of SkillsUSA program, an initiative that helps high school students become skilled workers.  The students get their supplies from donations and left over material from other projects. As the program has progressed through the years, the houses have become more efficient and are now offered in various sizes.

Carlsbad High School
Carlsbad High School

“Last year we built more than 30 doghouses,” teacher Ken Burke told the outlet. “It’s so hard to get kids involved with the community, and so my ultimate goal with this is to teach my students that it doesn’t take much time to give back the community.”

Once completed, C-PAWS stores them. The organization works in conjunction with Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter to not only deliver these dog houses but also educate families about weather conditions and ensure they are aware of these available shelter options.

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Images from Current-Argus

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