Kevin Spacey Explains How He Met the Love of His Life: His Dog Boston

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While Kevin Spacey plays heartless Frank Underwood on House of Cards, in real life the actor is just a big softie.

Talking to Ellen DeGeneres this week, Spacey opened up about how he came to rescuing his dog Boston. Back in 2013, the actor went to the city to provide his support to the victims, doctors, nurses and surgeons of the Boston Marathon bombing. As he was waiting to enter the emergency room at a hospital, an administrator asked him if he would like to meet a truck full of puppies.

“I said ‘of course I would like to see the truck full of puppies,'” he told DeGeneres. (I mean, who wouldn’t!?)

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After the door opened, there was one little dog in the corner. Spacey inquired about the pup, who was named Cuddles. “Why do you call her Cuddles?” he asked. He soon found out.

Immediately after being handed the pup, the dog latched on with all her might to Spacey and started “licking my face like I had honey on it for about 15 minutes.”

The rest is history (video at end)