Incredibly Dog Shows Up at Owner’s Door 4 Years Later

After four years without their dog, a couple was never expecting to see their German shepherd again. But the world has a weird way of working.

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Last week, Joel McDonald of Rowan County, North Carolina opened his front door and there standing was a dog who looked like his dog, Molly, who went missing four years earlier.

“I didn’t know for sure but I thought it. And she just came and put her head in my lap and said ‘oh my,’” McDonald told WBTV.

Not believing it was actually his dog, McDonald and his wife Carolyn went to the Animal Care Center of Salisbury to do a microchip scan.

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A staff member named Terry was able to locate a chip and get an identification number.

“We didn’t ask him his name or anything I looked down and I said ‘We got a number!’ I looked it up in the computer and I said what’s your name? And I said that’s your Molly,” she told the outlet.

The couple never expected to see their dog again and have no idea what happened to her but none of that now matters.

“She’s back now!” Carolyn McDonald told the outlet.

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