Ikea Rolls Out Modern Furniture Line for Dogs and Cats

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Ikea just unveiled a new line – and it has to do more with our four-legged friend than assembling another impossible dresser.

The Swedish-based company just unveiled its attractive, affordable line of pet products called LURVIG.

“Our pets are more than just cats or dogs – they are members of our families,” Ikea designer Inma Bermudéz told This Dog’s Life. “That’s why Ikea decided it was time that we give back to our beloved pets by creating a collection specifically for them.”

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Your dog (or cat) can enjoy the sleek lines of an Ikea sofa pet bed, which actually folds out into a sleeper for times your dog has guests; a padded day bed for dogs serious about their afternoon nap, and a reflective collar and leash, which are great for those late-night walks, especially if your dog is tiny or if his coat is black.

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If your dog is really a cat in disguise, you can order a cozy hideaway bed on legs, a cat house or a cat bed (good for small dogs that like to hide).

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While the designs may look cool and match your home’s aesthetics, your dog also has to dig the products.

Which is why the LURVIG collection was created in collaboration with veterinarian Dr. Barbara Schäfer. Having a professional animal person on staff helped ensure that the basic needs of a dog were met while still maintaining a streamlined feel.

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“To develop LURVIG, the starting point was our human furniture at IKEA, but then we focused on the most common needs and behaviors of cats and dogs: sleeping, eating, playing, exercising and being close to us,” says Schäfer, adding, “We are striving not to ‘humanize’ cats and dogs while still seeing them as family members.”

For instance, Schäfer’s insight played a role in developing the slow-feed bowl for dogs that inhale rather than chew, or the treat ball that stimulates the mind while helping clean teeth.

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Other thoughtful items include a cozy pet carrier, a steampunk retractable leash, an automatic water dispenser and an identification tube for storing your name and address that attaches like a cool charm on your dog’s collar.

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When developing the LURVIG collection, the varying sizes and needs of dogs and cats were considered. “We also thought about how dogs and cats use and interact with products differently,” Schäfer says. For example, since dogs will chew on their toys and track in dirt from outside, durable and attractive materials were important.

The products have gone through a risk analysis by IKEA, trained veterinarians and pets and their owners (in home tests). “Pets choose to use their belongings in many different ways, so we’ve taken as many aspects we possibly can into consideration,” Schäfer says.

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Adding that her favorite piece is the pet cushion. “We encourage owners to fill it with their old clothes, blankets or towels,” says Bermudéz. “The idea is that pets get a comfortable cushion with comfortable, familiar smells too.”

An increasing number of people consider their dogs and cats as family members, with many having more “furniture” for their dog than for themselves. While some brands can be pricey –such as Jonathan Adler’s Acrylic & Brass Dog Bowl for a cool $600 – others, like Ikea, are offering stylish, sleek four-legged furniture without breaking the bank. “As an animal lover,” Bermudéz says, “I’m proud and happy to be part of this project.”