How Technology Helps This Pet Detective Find Lost Dogs

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Technology has not only made waves in helping us humans, but also our canine sidekicks Everything from “smart” collars to wireless surveillance cameras and a disco light jacket have all played a role in improving the lives of man’s best friends. And Skype wants us to know it too plays a role by assisting a pet detective in tracking down missing pups.

In a video called “Finding Donut,” viewers meet Valerity, Russia’s only pet detective. The former police officer and criminologist has for the past 25 years searched for every animal under the sun.

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In this particular case, Valierity is tasked with tracking down a woman’s lost dog, fittingly, named Donut. As time is of the essence, technology – more specifically Skype – is used with the owner to video chat, send pictures, message, and in the end, nab the dog.

The clip is part of “The Things We Can Do,” a series showing how real-life people use Skype around the world to communicate and collaborate with others. Other stories include pet sitting, jamming with out with friends and reporting on climate control.

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