Hero Dog Shielded Owner From House Fire

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A dog refused to leave his owner’s side, even as a fire spread throughout their home.

Named Che, the 14-year-old lab/chow mix, was discovered late last month next to his owner by firefighters after they received a call that a house was on fire in the neighborhood of Wayne, Pennsylvania.

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Both were unconscious with it appearing that Che had tried to shield his owner from the flames.

“She must have tried to get out and lost consciousness,” Diana Heiney, a friend of the homeowner, told ABC News. “He laid on top of her and barked until the neighbors called the fire department.

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Miraculously, both survived. The owner is still being treated at a local hospital, while Che, after given oxygen, is recuperating at Heiney’s home.

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While he definitely misses his owner, Heiney tells the outlet her family welcomes the pup.

“[Che’s] the sweetest dog you would ever want to meet,” she said. “If you get too close, he would lick you to death.”