Girl’s Stuffed Animal Turns Into Real Dog Right in Front of Her Face

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For some kids, dreams come true.

A little girl was obsessed with her favorite stuffed animal, a dog named Luna. So, her parents decided to get her a real puppy — which looks almost identical to her “stuffie.”

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In a video capturing the moment, viewers can see the girl sitting patiently on a couch with her eyes closed holding her Luna. Then her parents bring in her new four-legged friend – and the girl is in complete shock.

She bursts into tears (excited ones!) as she says, “He’s so cute!” and “Thank you.” Her mother responds, “Do you know how long we’ve been planning this for you?” she asks. “Many, many weeks. It’s been the biggest secret in the whole world.”

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Source: Little girl overwhelmed by new puppy surprise by Sarahdoos on Rumble