Famous Gay Rights Attorney Adopts Unique Hermaphrodite Dog

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A unique hermaphrodite dog just got adopted by a very special owner.

Detroit-based attorney Dana Nessel, known for defending gay rights, is now the proud owner of then-named Cody, a pit bull mix having both female and male parts.

Last month, the Detroit Animal Control took in the dog, with no one knowing his back story. He soon was taken in by Detroit Dog Rescue, which helped with medical care and finding him a forever home.

Nessel, a resident of Plymouth, Mich., heard about the pup’s story through a friend and contacted Detroit Dog Rescue. After a home visit, she knew the dog would make the perfect addition to her family.

The dog’s adoption story received just as much media attention as Nessel’s landmark Supreme Court case, in which she represented a same-sex couple in a lawsuit. The couple sued the state of Michigan after its same-sex ban prevented them from adopting a child. The court overturned the state’s ban, allowing marriage for everyone.

Now named Ziggy Stardust,” after David Bowie’s androgynous alter ego, Nessel tells MLive, “I know no better way to pay homage to the genius of David Bowie.”

While no one knows exactly the dog’s sex, Nessel tells the outlet, “I don’t care what gender it is, neither do my kids and neither does my wife. We only care that it is super lovable, which it is.”

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