Gas Station Hires Three Homeless Dogs to Help Keep Them Safe

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Three dogs who previously were living on the street have found an unlikely home at a gas station.

Named Marmaduke, Mano, Trakinas, the three dogs were known strays in the Brazilian city of São Leopoldo. Seen regularly wandering around looking for food, some residents would advise not to feed the dogs, as they become dependent and could become a nuisance – always showing up.

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Despite the warning, Gabriel Corrêa couldn’t resist.

Dogs living at gas station 11
Image credit: Posto Roda/Facebook

After the siblings began visiting his gas station Posto Roda, he not only began giving them food but also caring for them. Of course, the dogs decided this was a good place to hang around and began to have a constant presence at the station.

Dogs living at gas station
Image credit: Posto Roda/Facebook

Because of their loyalty, Corrêa decided make  the three pups full-time employees.

Dogs living at gas station 1
Image credit: Posto Roda/Facebook

Each with their own name tag, the “security” dogs are more like greeters, making customers smile.

Dogs living at gas station 2
Image credit: Posto Roda/Facebook

“Customers love it,” an employee at Corrêa’s gas station told This Dog’s Life. “They get out of the car to take pictures.”

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One person even took to social media to share how the dogs have made her loyal to the station.

Dogs living at gas station 3
Image credit: Posto Roda/Facebook

“As a resident of São Leopoldo, I congratulate the new owners and their employees!” someone wrote on Facebook. “I was already a customer, but now I am even more so.”

When they aren’t on guard, the siblings have a place to rest, thanks to Corrêa. Each have their own custom-made home with their name, dog bed and dog bowl. And they get a ton of love from customers.

Dogs living at gas station 5
Image credit: Posto Roda/Facebook

“They spend the day at the station receiving attention from people and they are very happy with all of this,” says the employee.

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