Firefighters Rush to Home to Put Out Flames, Find Dog With Her Throat Slit

An arsonist not only took his or her rage out on a house, but also a pit bull living in the home.

A house on Clearwood Drive in Dallas had been doused with gasoline and set on fire.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and after putting out the flames, began searching the property. That is when a tan and white pit bull approached them, looking for help.

“She was strong and she was the sweetest thing,” firefighter Joe Nguyen told ABC affiliate WFAA. “She came to us for help.” The dog not only was looking for assistance for herself, but she also had a puppy in tow.

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But as the firefighters were starting to console the dog and her pup, they noticed the mom was injured. Her neck had two deep slash wounds, presumably from the arsonist, in an attempt to kill the dog.

“We looked at it and it was a real fresh cut. It was pretty deep,” Nguyen told the outlet “We were pretty upset for the fact that somebody would do that to an innocent animal.”

The team took the dog back (and her unharmed puppy) to the station, bandaged her up and comforted her. The firefighters then turned to DFW Rescue Me for assistance. The rescue group took her to the vet where she underwent three hours of surgery. She is expected to make a full recovery.

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She is now named Khaleesi. “Khaleesi is a character from Game of Thrones that kind of rose from the fire,”Nguyen told WFAA. “And that suited her.”


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