FDA Warns Against Giving Your Dog ‘Bone Treats,’ Could Lead to Death

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Give your dog a bone may not be the way to go.

The FDA just issued a warning about store-bought “bone treats,” stating they have received complaints about pups becoming ill, and even some dying.

Some of the symptoms, include choking, vomiting, diarrhea, oral cuts, bleeding from the rectum and blockage in the digestive tract.

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The government agency said it has received nearly 70 reports, with a reported 15 dogs dying.

According to the FDA, bone treats are different than bones people can buy at the butcher store, because they are obviously not fresh. The bone treats are indeed real bones but are processed and may contain additional ingredients, like seasoning and preservatives. Common bone treat names include” “Pork Femur Bones,” “Pork Femur Bones,” and “Ham Bones.”

“Giving your dog a bone treat might lead to an unexpected trip to your veterinarian, a possible emergency surgery, or even death for your pet,” Carmela Stamper, a veterinarian in the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA said in a statement.

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The FDA also states there have been reports of bone treats that were moldy or splintering.

Keep in mind, it isn’t just these “bone treats” that can harm your dog. As mentioned, these are still bones and just like preserved ones, bones bought at the butcher shop can also cause damage, leading to the same problems.

Instead of giving bones, think about other treats that your dogs can chew on. Kongs and interactive puzzles not only allow for chewing but also provide mental stimulation.