Everything That Is Wrong With This ‘Funny’ Dog Viral Photo

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A “funny” photo of a Siberian Husky on Twitter has gone viral – but at the expense of the dog’s health.

Last week Twitter user Shishou posted an image of a husky completely shaved except for his head. People responded in droves – with it being retweeted nearly 33, 000 time and receiving more than 73,000 likes.

And while the image entertained many, it isn’t funny. Perhaps the owner of the dog decided to shave the husky down to help him stay cool in the summer but doing so provides the opposite effect.

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Huskies, among other breeds, have double coats. The top coat is made of thick, course hair to help protect against both warm and cold weather, while also shielding the sun’s rays. The undercoat, the softer of the two, also protects against weather conditions. Having both coats, allows for air — a naturally cooling agent — to be trapped in the fur and keep the dog comfortable during the dog days of summer.

With so many people reacting to the post, the concern is there will be an uptick of copycats, with people uploading their own image of their shaved dog. Please don’t that.

It is important to always seek advice from a professional groomer on the best cut for your dog.

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