Every Day Rescue Dog Snuggles Up to Baby Boy for Nap Time Cuddles

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Image credit Elizabeth Spence

When 10-month-old Archie goes down for a nap, he always has a special friend by his side.

Elizabeth Spence, a mom of three, has been posting adorable images of her youngest son sleeping next to her rescue dog for months on Instagram, creating quite the following.

According to Spence, Nora, an 8-year-old English Pointer, is always by Archie’s side during his naps, hoping to get some cuddle time in.

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Nora and Baby Archie 1
Image credit Elizabeth Spence

“Nora is often on the bed prior to Archie laying down and snuggles up as close as she can to him once I lay him down to nurse,” Spence tells This Dog’s Life. “If not, she arrives moments later because she knows snuggle time is about to begin!”

Remington, Spence’s other rescue dog, also sleeps with the cute baby boy, along with the family’s three rescue cats.

“All the animals love Archie,” Spence says. “He is an extremely relaxed and affable baby, and I think they respond to that. He quite loves them, too.”

Nora and Baby Archie 3
Image credit Elizabeth Spence

Archie isn’t the only one that gets the attention of the dogs; Spence’s other children – Wellington, 6, and Loretta, 4, — also share a special bond with the rescue dogs.

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“Both Nora and Remington get along extremely well with the kids,” Spence tells us. “They are both incredibly good natured dogs and we never hesitate for a moment to let them all interact.”

Nora and Loretta
Nora and Loretta. Image credit Elizabeth Spence

Nora entered the Spences’ life when she was just 10 months old. She was rescued from a puppy mill, where she spent her entire life outside, unprotected from the harsh elements of nature. When Funds For Furry Friends animal-welfare organization brought her in, she was filthy, malnourished, pregnant and terrified.

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Image credit Elizabeth Spence
Image credit Elizabeth Spence

“As soon as we saw her we knew we had to have her and knew she would be an amazing family dog,” Spence says. “She did not disappoint.”

Fast forward to 2016 and the Spences added Remington to the fold, Nora’s daughter.

“Her previous owners were unable to keep her due to a change in life circumstances and asked if we wanted her,” Spence says. “Despite having two dogs already, two kids and a newborn at the time, we couldn’t refuse. We are so glad we didn’t.” (The Spences had another rescue dog, Drake, up until this past summer, but he passed away at the age of 14.)

Image credit Elizabeth Spence
Image credit Elizabeth Spence

From the get-go, the family understood brining in rescue dogs to the household could be challenging and to respect their boundaries. “We’ve taught the kids from a very young age to be respectful of animals, particularly those like ours who have come from past abusive situations,” she tells us.

Image credit Elizabeth Spence
Image credit Elizabeth Spence

And this love of rescue animals has been passed on to their children. “One day my eldest son was jumping on the bed a bit too aggressively next to Nora who had been napping. I could tell she was a bit scared and re-explained to my son that he needed to take care around her because she was easily frightened. I reiterated all that she had endured and my son began to cry. He was so enraged that someone could treat Nora in that manner. It felt good to know that my son cares so much and may go on to advocate for animals like Nora.”

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Nora and Baby Archie 4
Image credit Elizabeth Spence

Check out Spence’s Instagram account to see many more beautiful pictures (many just taken with an iPhone camera)