Dramatic Rescue of Women and Dog Saved From Sinking Car During Louisiana Floods Caught on Video

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A man is a hero to a woman and her dog after he saved both from a sinking car during Baton Rouge’s deadly floods.

A video from local network WAFB shows three men on a boat making their way to a soft-top red convertible, almost completely under water.

“Oh my God, I’m drowning,” a woman is heard screaming from inside the car.

With only the rear window and a bit of the passenger window above water, the crew tries desperately to break into the car. First trying to cut the plastic rear window and then attempting to smash the side window, the men were unsuccessful.

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It was then that one of the rescuers, identified as David Phung by the New York Daily News, jumps into the water, pulling the roof of the car open. At first, the woman’s arm appears and then slowly, her whole body emerges.

After she is safe, the woman begs him to rescue her dog, who is stuck in the now completely submerged vehicle.

Phung uses his hands to try and find the pup and after striking out, then goes under water, searching for the animal. Suddenly, “I got the dog, I got the dog,” he shouts.

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Everyone survived and was brought to safety.

In total, more than 7,000 people and 500 pets have been rescued, according to Louisiana, Gov. John Bel Edwards. Three people have died and one remains missing.

Edwards has called the floods “unprecedented” and “historic,” according to The Associated Press.