Dr. Pepper’s Commercial Featuring a Puli Will Pull at Your Heartstring

Dr. Pepper commercial with Puli

In the midst of GoDaddy’s Puppygate and Budweiser’s online marketing blitz for its upcoming Super Bowl Lost Dog ad, Dr. Pepper also has a commercial centered around a dog.

But instead of an adorable golden retriever, the beverage company is focusing on a Puli, a dreadlock dog that is ranked the 135th most popular breed (as opposed to the No. 3 position the golden holds). With the tagline “Always be one of a kind,” the commercial begins with a shot of a dog abandoned at a truck stop with just a cardboard box. As he tries to find his way in life, things aren’t looking up for the little guy. Well, that is until he meets a Dr. Pepper delivery man (played by Krazy-8 from Breaking Bad).

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