Dogs Are All Up in Paws Over This Bulldog’s Image on a Bus

The photo of Yale University’s Handsome Dan plastered on the side of a shuttle bus is not sitting well with some dogs.

According to owners in New Haven, Conn., when the vehicle rolls by their neighborhood, their dogs bark up a storm when they see the image of the bulldog on the side of the bus.

“He really lives for this moment. I mean when he comes off my front porch he looks for him,” Anne Marseille, the owner of a dog named Sawyer, told News 8. “Handsome Dan is who he lives to see.”

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Neighbor, Erick Farrington, echoed this sentiment, telling the outlet that while his current pop has no problem with Handsome Dan’s mug on the side of the bus, his previous dog did.

“Anytime the Yale shuttle would come by she would just stop and she would basically growl,” said Farrington.

This has become so much of an issue that some people have taken to the city’s website to complain.

To mitigate the situation, trainer Vicki Horowitz suggests tiring dogs out before a walk (and an impossible encounter with Dan) but for Anne Marseille, this just won’t do.

“I can walk downtown and back. I can do an hour walk and we at the end of the walk can see Dan and I have to hold on with every bit of strength I have,” she says.

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Instead, she hide…for real.

“I have to plan my whole walks to avoid Handsome Dan,” said Marseille. “I duck into driveways. I do all sorts of antics to get away from the bus.”

H/T News 8

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