Dog Waits By Pooch Friend for a Week Until Both Rescued

Thanks to a strong bond between two dogs, a trapped basset hound was pulled to safety.

Tillie, a setter, and Phoebe, a basset hound, had been missing for week in Washington. The duo had wondered miles from where they were last spotted and volunteers were having difficulty tracking them down. Rescue organization Vashon Island Pet Protectors took to social media and posted a message, along with pictures, hoping someone had seen the pair.

A few days later the phone rang, with a woman saying a “reddish” dog had been approaching her on her property and then going back to the ravine.

VIPP acted on the tip and headed to the location, calling out Tillie’s name. They heard a “woof,” followed the sound and saw the dog resting next to a cistern. And when the volunteers peeked their heads into the cistern, low and behold, stubby-legged Phoebe was inside.

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Both were cold and hungry but in otherwise good shape.

Volunteer Amy Carey told USA Today, “My message to most people with missing dogs is that unless the dog is being seen periodically, it is likely stuck somewhere and that when stuck, even the most loyal and people-oriented dogs won’t make a sound – even to an owner calling from a few feet away,” she told the outlet. “That’s where the amazing Miss Tillie steps in as the heroine of this story.”

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H/T: USA Today

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