Dog Sniffs Out Pug Trapped in Well for 10 Days

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If it wouldn’t have been for a dog named Bear, a pug may never have found her way home.

On Nov. 4, a pup named Olive got spooked at a park in Wick, England from nearby fireworks, causing her to run away from her owner, Phoeby Mackeson, and her boyfriend.

“As we were about to leave the park the fireworks went off in Wick primary school,” Mackeson tells This Dog’s Life. “Olive was extremely scared and ran away towards the end of the park and hid in the hedges. Olive started coming back to us, as we were calling her but then the fireworks got even louder, and she ran into the fields.”

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Extremely distraught, Mackeson and her family looked for hours for Olive but nothing. The next day they distributed more than 500 flyers in the community but had no luck.  “I was so upset, I would cry nearly every day, but my family would reassure me that we were going to get her back,” Mackerson says. “After a few days from when she went missing we all thought she must of been stolen by now, as no one had called us and we just had no leads.”

The family turned to Facebook to post about Olive on the group Lost and Found Pets in Bristol/South Glos to spread the word.

Nichols Jones was one of those who heard about Olive. So, when she was walking her 110-pound Rottweiler, Bear, and he suddenly stopped, Jones decided to follow his lead.

“I was just walking past a hedgerow and Bear stopped. He wouldn’t move,” Jones tells UK’s Express. “So I went through the hedge and I found a well and looked down and there was this black pug.”

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Indeed, little Olive was staring up at her with wide, scared eyes.

Jones got down and was able to get the pug out of the 5-foot hole. “I was worried she might have hurt herself. She was petrified, but then her tail wagged. She was fine,” she told the outlet.

Jones brought her back to her place. While she posted on social media that Olive had been found, the pug made herself at home by climbing up the couch and taking a snooze, according to the outlet.

Mackeson and her family were soon reunited with the pup. “I was in absolute shock and burst out crying,” she says. “We all couldn’t believe it!”

A little underweight, Olive is packing on the pounds with all the treats people have brought to her.  And as for Bear, he is a hero in the family’s eyes.

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