Dog Saved From Burning House in Brooklyn

After a family escaped a burning house, firefighters from Ladder 113 were called to extinguish the flames and were also able to save their dog, a 3-month-old Maltese named Mickey.

“We couldn’t get him,” 9-year-old Bella Louis told the New York Daily News . “My aunt said to just leave him,” she explains of the quick escape the family had to take and the decisions that needed to be made. “I was really scared because I knew that Mickey was … in the house.”

The dog was discovered in the kitchen, shaking from being so scared. After being whisked from the fire, the puppy was given oxygen to help with his breathing.

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“It seems to be doing OK,” said FDNY Battalion Chief Mike Golini about Mickey to the outlet. “That will at least be some saving grace for the family after a tragedy like this.”

The dog was a new addition to the family, given to the children as an Easter present.

There were no injuries and the fire is still under investigation.

Image from New York Daily News

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