Dog Retrieves Golf Balls to Help Animals in Need

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A dog is using his special golf-ball retrieving talents to help other animals in need.

About five years ago, a Bernese mountain dog named Davos started helping his owner, Al Cooper, while he was playing golf. He would hunt down the golf balls that went awry and bring him back to Cooper.

During this time, Davos was trained to also search for missing golf balls of other players. “Seeing as I live on a golf course , I took his skill to the course,” Cooper tells This Dog’s Life. “As he started finding lots of balls, I thought we might as well start selling them.”

Cooper would ask for $.25 in exchange for the golf ball. He would use this money to pay for Davos’ veterinary bills and treats.

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But this year, he decided to use the money to give back. Davos would get quite emotional watching the ASPCA commercials asking people to donate to help out animals in need.

“He cried at the ASPCA commercial,” Cooper tells This Dog’s Life. “I started thinking I should donate his golf ball earnings to the Humane Society.”

So, he decided this year, all money raised would go towards local shelter Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. After collecting and selling back 400 golf balls, Cooper and Davos presented the shelter with $100 bill, wrapped around the dog’s paw. Cooper said, “Hey, show her the money, puppy,” and the dog lifted his paw, according to local news station KARE.

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The dog is on a roll. Davos has found more golf balls in the last few weeks and the duo plan on making future donations.